The Vodafone Ghana Music Awards Board has cancelled the nomination of rapper Jay Bahd


The Vodafone Ghana Music Awards Board has cancelled the nomination of rapper Jay Bahd in the New Artiste of the Year category for the 24th edition of the scheme. This comes after the Board received several submissions from stakeholders during the one-week provisional window for addressing errors and omissions following the nominees’ announcement show.

According to the statement released by the VGMA Board, Jay Bahd’s inclusion in the Best New Artiste category generated high public interest, and the concerns raised were reviewed. After deliberations, the Board agreed that Jay Bahd is not new to the scheme because of his shared nomination on Yaw Tog’s “Sore” for Collaboration of the Year in 2021.

The Board, therefore, corrected the error and informed Jay Bahd and his team accordingly. The statement expressed regret for any inconvenience caused and thanked Academy Member Austin Woode for helping to correct the oversight during the Errors and Omissions window. The VGMA Board also expressed gratitude to the general public for their engagement, submissions, and contributions during the one-week provisional window.

Jay Bahd, a rapper and ‘asakaa’ pioneer known for the hit song “Condemn,” is not eligible for the Best New Artiste category of the 24th Vodafone Ghana Music Awards. This decision by the VGMA Board has stirred reactions from music lovers and industry players alike. Some are in support of the decision, while others believe that the Board should have allowed Jay Bahd’s nomination to stand since he meets the criteria for the category.

The Vodafone Ghana Music Awards is one of the biggest music events in Ghana, and it recognizes and celebrates the outstanding achievements of Ghanaian musicians in various categories. The cancellation of Jay Bahd’s nomination in the New Artiste of the Year category shows that the VGMA Board takes the integrity of the awards seriously and is committed to ensuring that the right nominees are selected for each category.

Overall, the decision by the VGMA Board to cancel Jay Bahd’s nomination in the Best New Artiste category has sparked discussions about the criteria for eligibility for the category and the need for more transparency in the selection process. It is expected that the Board will continue to take feedback from stakeholders and make necessary adjustments to improve the scheme for the industry.


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