Bettors Express Displeasure Over Ghana Government’s Plan to Tax Lottery and Sports Betting


The Ghanaian government’s decision to impose taxes on lottery and sports betting has sparked discontent among local bettors, who are expressing their displeasure at the new policy.

The government’s decision to tax income from lottery, betting, and gambling is part of its efforts to generate additional revenue for the country. However, some local bettors believe that the new policy is an attempt to prevent them from enjoying their winnings in peace.

In a recent interview with Citi News, several local bettors expressed their frustration with the government’s decision to impose a 10% withholding tax from winnings in lotteries, sports betting, and games of chance at the point of payout.

One bettor stated that the new policy is unfair as they could lose all their bets in a year. Thus, if they should win one day and 10% is deducted, it would mean that they have actually lost money. Another bettor mentioned that the system is already not working in their favor, and taking away 10% of their bet wins is not a good thing.

For many local gamblers, the new policy of taxing their winnings is not in their interest. They believe that a 10% tax on their wins is too much and could discourage people from participating in betting activities.

Moreover, some local bettors argue that the government should focus on addressing the issues that are preventing the industry from thriving, such as illegal betting and lack of regulation.

While the government’s decision to impose taxes on lottery and sports betting may generate additional revenue for the country, local bettors are expressing their dissatisfaction with the new policy. They are urging the government to reconsider its plans and focus on addressing the underlying issues that are affecting the industry.


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