Ghana’s Electricity Company to Issue Outage Timetable Due to Reduction in Power Supply


Ghana’s Electricity Company (ECG) has announced that it will soon issue an outage timetable due to a reduction in total power supply for distribution. This announcement comes as the Ghana National Gas Company (GNGC) carries out maintenance work at the Atuabo Gas Processing Plant, which has affected gas supply for power generation.

According to a joint statement by the Corporates Communication Manager of GRIDCo, Dzifa Bampoe, and ECG’s Director of Communications, William Boateng, there will be an approximate 150-megawatt power generation shortfall. This shortfall will reduce the total power supply for distribution by ECG until April 7, 2023.

The statement also noted that there will be minimal interruption in power supply to some ECG customers. However, ECG will issue an outage timetable by March 31, 2023, to inform customers accordingly. The companies apologized for the inconvenience caused.

The announcement of a reduction in power supply is not new to Ghanaians. In recent years, Ghana has experienced intermittent power outages, which have been attributed to several factors, including inadequate power supply, maintenance works, and technical challenges.

These power outages have had a severe impact on businesses, causing them to shut down and leading to a decline in productivity. It has also affected the standard of living of Ghanaians, as they have to rely on alternative sources of power, such as generators, which are expensive to maintain.

To address this challenge, the Ghanaian government has implemented several initiatives to increase power generation capacity. These initiatives include the construction of new power plants, the introduction of renewable energy, and the expansion of the national grid.

The government has also encouraged private sector participation in the energy sector, which has led to the development of several independent power projects. These projects have increased power supply and reduced the frequency of power outages in the country.

The announcement of a reduction in power supply by ECG due to maintenance work at the Atuabo Gas Processing Plant is a cause for concern. However, it is expected that the outage timetable issued by ECG will help minimize the impact of the reduction in power supply on businesses and households. The government’s efforts to increase power generation capacity in the country are commendable and should be sustained to ensure uninterrupted power supply.


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