Police and Soldiers Clash in Accra’s Central Business District over Traffic Infraction


On Monday, some police officers and soldiers clashed in the Central Business District of Accra, Ghana’s capital. The incident reportedly started when some military officers assaulted a police officer who was riding a motorbike for a traffic infraction. Despite identifying himself as a Chief Inspector, the soldiers reportedly attacked him, saying, “You are a police officer so what?”

The assaulted officer ran to the Accra Central Police station and informed his colleagues about the incident. They followed him and overpowered the soldiers, arresting one of them. The rest of the soldiers called for reinforcement, and upon their arrival, a confrontation erupted between the police and the military.

Amateur videos circulating on social media showed the soldiers shoving a supposed officer in plain clothes. The man was punched and slapped from all angles while wearing a helmet. This incident caused fear on the streets of the Central Business District, with traders and passersby running for their lives.

Subsequent videos depict armed soldiers standing in front of the Accra Central Police Station. The officers then went out to clash with the soldiers.

The incident has sparked concern among the public, with many Ghanaians expressing their displeasure on social media. The Ghanaian government and security agencies have not yet publicly commented on the matter.

This clash is not the first time that police and military personnel have clashed in Ghana. In 2020, soldiers allegedly attacked some police officers who were enforcing a coronavirus lockdown in the Ashanti region. The incident sparked a nationwide conversation on the need for better collaboration between the country’s security agencies.

It is essential for the government to investigate and address this incident to prevent future clashes between police and military personnel. The Ghanaian public expects the government to take swift action to ensure that the rule of law is upheld and to ensure the safety of citizens in the country.


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